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How to create a form?


This page contains information on how to create a Form in the back-office and what you should provide to Spencer to generate a pdf from a form in a predefined Sharepoint folder. 

On this page you'll find: 


Forms overview

A form is a type of link from the Link Library in Spencer. In the screenshot attached you'll find "ongeval melden" as the type form in the Link Library overview 

Start creation flow

You start the creation flow by click on create new link, You'll get a popup as demonstrated below.  

Click on Form.

Form details

In the details tab, we'll complete some generic information about the survey. By default, we have the customer's default language selected (English in the demo case).You can change it by clicking on the default language and select a different language (as demonstrated below)

We'll continue in English in our demo. As you've noticed you can also add a different language when you select Add Language. We'll pick dutch in this example. The general idea is, that you build your survey directly in all the languages needed.

We'll continue with English and Dutch.

You can fill in the title & upload an image (icon)both will become visible for the end-user. Once you've completed this information for the selected languages, we'll continue in the builder tab, where the real magic happens.

Fyi - There is 1 image for all languages 

Form builder

If you are familiar with Surveys, you can skip this step, as it uses the same building blocks

In the Form builder, we build our survey. We start from an empty canvas and provide you all the blocks to create your survey. Make  sure you read through the general ideas in the survey build and the supported types

General ideas

Below described some general insights in the builder logic:

  • You build up your Form by adding a block after block.
  • You translate your questions per selected language directly in your block (Explained further below) 
  • Each block is represented per selected language. It isn't possible to create a different structure for English than for Dutch. 
  • You'll get a warning icon next to each block not translated for a specific language

Supported types

Both Forms & Surveys shared the Spencer Form builder, you can get an overview of all supported types on our Form Builder types page.

In the survey builder, you can create multiple pages. For each page, you can create a page header. This makes it possible to break up your survey in sections like "general questions" "Health care 1/5", "Health care 2/5".
Click on Page header to create a header as demonstrated below.

Manage pages

In the survey builder, you can create a new page for your survey by clicking on Add new page (demonstrated below). This option becomes available after at least 1 element has been added to the first page.

Swap element to a different page

In the survey builder, it is possible to swap elements from one page to the other by clicking on the 3 lines (burger) icon and drag it as demonstrated below 

Form settings

Alright, you have build your survey, almost ready to publish!
In the settings tab, you can tweak:

Make available for

Here you indicate for which platforms the form should become visible in the Link Library. Mobile, desktop or both. 

The audience

In the audience section, you have the option to publish it to everyone in your company or specify a specific user list.
Depending on the selected option it will be displayed differently on the reporting page.

Publish Form

Now that your form is complete the only thing left for you is to click on publish. You'll be guided back to the overview page, well-done captain, you've created a form! 

But! you're not done, yet to make sure your submitted forms appear as PDFs in the correct folder you need to provide Spencer some extra information further described below.

What to provide to Spencer

To make sure your submitted forms appear as PDFs in the correct folder you need to provide Spencer some extra information.

Browse to your newly created form and copy the form ID displayed in the red box. 

Complete the table below and mail it to

Form ID
14 (from example)
Folder on Sharepoint
The name of the folder on your SharePoint (keep in mind our application should have access to it)

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