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How to log product feedback or feature requests?

This page helps you with how you can file a feature request/or provide improvements/feedback to your Spencer product. The Spencer team will carefully curate all filed requests every month and provide comments or update the state of a request. The more people upvote a request, the higher possibility's are it will end up in our product.

Where to log it?

As we value your feedback, we wanted to make sure it was captured in a platform where our customers could:
  • See the submission of other customers

  • Are able to cast a vote on a feature request/feedback provided by a different customer

  • No hassle with creating accounts

You can log feedback and requests on our Shipright Portal, no login or account required.

How to log it?

File a requests/feedback

#1 Browse to where you'll see an overview of all submitted requests and feedback

#2 Complete

  • Short descriptive placeholder - title

  • Description

  • Your e-mail address


#1 To upvote, you click on the reversed triangle  as shown in the screenshot

#2  You provide a valuable reason why this improvement/feature request would also benefit your case and provide your e-mail address

Best practices

Below some best practices on how to enter your feedback to make sure, we get to understand your feedback and other customers  can relate to it:
  • Title - if you want to feedback on a feature or a specific item, use that module first

    • ex - Profile - I want to update my personal information

    • ex - Measurements - add the hour of when the publication was  published for reporting purpose

  • The feedback  elaborate more on why this feature/feedback matters to you by describing  a use case

    • ex - "It would be nice to add a person to your contacts. So next time you can directly call him." 

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