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Document Library via Google Drive


This page will guide you through the steps to set up Gdrive for Document Library. 


The outline of the actions we'll perform

Enable Gdrive API

#1 click on Enable APIS  and SERVICES when you're in the dashboard section of your project on the console URL

You'll be guided to the  overview see screenshot 

#2  Type in drive in the search bar

#3 Click on Google Drive API,  you'll be guided to a detailed screen (see screenshot).  Click on ENABLE.

Create a Service Account

If you've enabled Single Sign-On you can skip this step.

#1 Click on the hamburger menu, click or hover over Services accounts

#2 You'll be guided to  a service account overview screen. Click on Create Services Account

#3 Complete service account name with a useful name like Spencer Sync. Click on create.

#4 click on Continue for the optional permission step

#5 Click on Create Key  and select JSON. Click create.

#6 Download the file and send it over to 

Add scopes 

#1 Browse to and click on security

#2 scroll down and search for Advanced Settings and click on it

#3 Click on manage API client access 

#4 If you've setup Single-Sign-On you'll find your service account already available if not create new: 

client namethe unique id from your service account. 
scopes (comma separated)  and for Document Library we only need the read rights, as we'll only sync files :

#5 Click on Authorize and your done! Send a mail to with the JSON file (if it's the first time) or that everything is set up for Gdrive.

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