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How to create and edit news topics

Required roles

  • Super admin 
  • News admin 

Create and edit news topics

When creating or editing publications you’ll be asked to organize them by topic. You can select one or more topics, which defines where end-users can find this publication inside the Spencer app.

Let’s create some topics. Go to Company news > Topics. Click Add new.

Provide at a topic name for all configured languages.

Choose the desired topic settings:

  1. User are subscribed by default 
    • TRUE = end-users will, by default, be subscribed to this topic
    • FALSE = end-users will, by default, be unsubscribed to this topic
  2. Users can unsubscribe from this topic
    • TRUE = end-users will be able to unsubscribe from this topic
    • FALSE = end-users will not be able to unsubscribe from this topic
  3. Optionally select a Linked site to link news to sites

Click Create and return to list, which will save your topic and take you back to the topic overview.

You’re now ready to add this new topic during publication creation or editing.

In terms of the number of topics you should create, it’s important to keep the following in mind:

  1. People will only see topics in the app when there is at least one publication they have access to.

  2. Topics are scrolled through horizontally on mobile (vertically on desktop). 

You’ll want to limit the number of topics to less than 8, in order to limit the amount of scrolling required, to ultimately maximize the end-user experience.

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