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How to update a Spencer test version via Crashlytics (for Android)

This page explains how to update the Spencer app to a more recent version with Crashylitics for Android.

  1. Assuming you've installed a test version of the Spencer app before (see Beta - Android for detailed instructions), you can easily install updates as they are released by our development team.Open the Beta app by clicking on it's app icon.

  2. Beta can be used to install any number of test apps. Most probably you'll only see Spencer in this list. In any case, find the app you want to update and click it's name.

  3. If a new version is ready for testing you should see a button marked "Download Update". In case there's no new version available just yet, you'll see a "Launch" button instead (which will simply open Spencer when clicked). 
    Click "Download Update".

  4. Click "Install" to install the latest update.

  5. Click the "Open" to open the spanking new version of Spencer.Enjoy!

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