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How to enable Google Play Distribution (for Android)

In this article we will describe how you can grant Spencer access to your Google Publisher account, so we can submit and publish your Spencer application and any updates of it on your behalf.

How to setup a Google Play developer account

First, create a Google Play Developer account for $25 per year. The steps to create this account can be found on this Google support page.

How to enable Spencer to distribute apps to the Play store on your behalf

If you’d like Spencer to assist you in the app submission, you’ll need to provide the necessary access to your designed Customer Success Manager.

  1. Navigate to and click "settings" in the menu on the left.

  2. On the next page, choose Users & permissions and click Invite new user.

  3. This will open a popup where you need to give the "release manager" role. Configure the invitation as per below and hit Invite.

You’ve now granted Spencer permissions to create & update apps, and sign builds for store submission.

Make sure you fill in our submission form for specific Android related items .

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